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Fuel rail sensor replacment and ecu reset
Old 03-04-2014, 09:51 PM
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Default Fuel rail sensor replacment and ecu reset

This forum has been good to me over the past three years so hopefully my story here may help someone in the future.

I've had problems with fuel delivery in the past, funnily enough, dealer related but that's another story.

The last 10 days have been a nightmare. My car was playing up intermittently. It would go into limp mode and a restart was needed. Then it started stalling (it's an auto) and it would not idle. Then it would. Took it to Nissan, they blamed the Chip - I have had the blanking plate in the chip for six months!! I raise the chip now because I believe it to be the cause of the final problem....... The said they reset the ecu...... Pfffht.

Two weeks ago on Saturday, driving along, the car started to miss. Pulled over, idled fine. Drove off and the miss was getting worse. Then it started breaking down, then stalled. Restarted, would idle but nothing much else. Check engine light on. Managed to roll into a car park. Nissan roadside assist? Useless. I managed to limp the car home and I mean limp. Would be lucky to rev to 1500 and no power whatsoever. None. Doing 5km/hr up slight hills. On Monday it went to Metro Nissan in Brisbane on the back of a tilt tray. Never, ever trust those 'experts' with your car. Ever.

Got in there and I had the lovely experience of dealing with a young lady in the service department who apparently knew everything....they brought up all the error codes and told me it needed a new fuel rail and probably fuel pump.....on a 55,000km old (3years) car. I zero'd in on the fuel pressure sensor. She wouldn't let me talk to the tech or service manager. They refused warranty because the 'chip' had caused it......even though it hadn't been in the car for over six months! Let that be a lesson to all. Remove the wiring too!

I limped the car home. That afternoon I bought a new XLT Ford Ranger but that's another story.

Coming to look around and having fuel delivery issues in the past, I had a idea. It wasn't getting fuel. Nissan don't sell the fuel pressure sensor on its own......you have to buy the entire fuel rail at some $1300.......and then there's the install... Believe it or not, I found the answer on the new Ford Ranger forum I joined. Someone on there mentioned his mate had just bought the sensor itself from Hitech Diesels in Adelaide. Straight on the phone and yup, $101 later a sensor was on its way to me.

So, installed the new sensor and it made it worse....... The car would only idle. Every warning light in the world was on the dash. I was nearly resigned to another tilt tray ride to Nissan. I was stumped this time completely. I'd been through the entire fuel system, no air leaks, new filter, I had no idea.

It was an old thread on here I read early this morning that gave me the last thing to try. If it was the sensor, you need to reset the ecu (clear codes) before it will work. Call me skeptical....... I had nothing to lose.

So, using the instructions,

Ignition on, count to three
Full on and off throttle five times within five seconds
Count to seven and hold throttle down for ten or so seconds
Wait for the engine light to flash and let go of throttle
Push the throttle back down and hold it until you see ten fast flashes in a row. Let go and turn off

As long as I sit here and write this, it worked. I've had a dead car for nearly two weeks. A new fuel pressure sensor and a simple ecu reset above fixed it. All the check engine lights are gone and the car drives perfectly. I seriously can't believe it.

Nissan Service can choke on my......ten day old sandwich. Absolutely useless.

I so hope this helps someone in the future because mine has turned into a $101 fix and if I'd listened to Nissan, I would hate to think.

I also blame the Chipit chip for screwing the fuel pressure sensor too. Just a warning for others! Another thing that commonly lets go is the pressure relief at the other end of the fuel rail. I isolated that by running a blank in there. That wasn't my issue.

My new Ranger will end up running a proper ECU flash, no more piggyback crap for me.

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