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Originally Posted by Old.Tony View Post
Welcome to the forum.

I've had experience with this myself, it was caused by another issue but the end result was the same.

As part of the solution (as an attempt at a quick remedy which was not successful) we had the DPF hollowed out (just put it on a bench and smash at the guts of it with a variety of tools). We tried connecting the fore-and-aft sensor pipe at the sensor (near the ABS unit on the side wall of the engine bay back near the hinge). Resetting the DPF with a workshop tool cost me $50 and lasted about 200km.

In the end, the solution was rather easy (and probably helped by hollowing out the DPF, which looks like it's still intact from the outside).

Send a PM to one of our members here - auggie - and ask them for replacement DPF sensors. Replacing the sensors is easy, just put the same coloured plug sensor in the place where you took it from on the DPF and away you go. The DPF light will clear itself, no need to see a workshop. Just go for a drive.

Matt's worth talking to and his service is impeccable.
Thanks Old.Tony, I did see a post somewhere about auggie, I will PM him. Did you have any issues with excess smoke afterwards and did you notice better performance & fuel economy with this fix?
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