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Been a while 09-05-2018 09:34 AM

Front caliper service parts and price list, diy pressure bleeder fab
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Howdy all, first off -sorry i didn't get to shoot any pics or vids on the rebuild.. i will make it up to you all...

Well it's been 50'000 ks since i did the calipers before i set off, and they needing doing -yup bottom piston on both siezed...

soooo after doing the rear -new shoes, machined drums, new slave's and oem spring kits they still wouldn't stop the rear wheels- they worked but just! Blew out lines with brake cleaner rebuilt proportional valve and still the same..ok then

That led me to the master cylinder and my thoughts where to service the calipers and service the master cylinder.. master cylinder perfect, seal kit not so -seems all master cylinder kits only come from japan too guys..
Light hone- new seal kit, service calipers and now bitting stearing wheel on stops, the difference it makes..

Sooo here is a parts list for you and where to shop..
Part finder in Dabui- PartSoqu great prices and amazing delivery cost...
Parts fiche- Nissan
And my fav a site, you can add you oem part number and sorce other brand makes and models parts that fit- is

Ok parts list, not all part numbers start with the VK series as some parts where not available for the nav but using i found a lot of other nissan models that use the same part but have amended part numbers.. i bet you did'nt know nissan navaras share brake and clutch parts with the ultima lol yup the ultima thats f'n priceless..

What i did find out is, that on the end of the brake master cylinder is your model number parts code. This dictates the parts code list your calipers will be!
Ok so part numbers for the d22 VK series calipers are......
4602064J01 Res, Cap x1 "for pressure bleeder set up" $13.10
44139EB30A Slider pin x2 $10.36
441400V700 Slider pin x2. $ 6.50
D1ABMVK125 caliper seal kit x2 $33.83 turns out "one kit does both sides" yes i have a spare seal kit . Oh and a hardwear kit lol yup one kit does both also
41080VK126 Hardware Kit x2 $55.51
41128AW70A Screw Bleeder x2 $6.25
46237A4600 Bango Gaskets x8 $ .23
080444401A Bolt, hex x4 $1.54
410446P01A washer x4 $1.58
Could not get a brake master cylinder kit through these guys, that was Gympie Nissan $160 - another nissan dry entry ;)
Also they where out of pistons but i found a crew in Germany and got a set x4 to my door for under $90 compared to Nis Au at over $400 for four ...
But what i did get was the clutch master cylinder kit, slave kit and hose.. and yes the master cylinder needed doing the slave not so much as i did that with the clutch fit..
M,C kit $14.25
S,C kit $8.55
Hose $19.57

So not including M/C kit from nissan au and pistons from Germany the order came to $328.78 US
Plus get this $ 34.09 shipping... All up $ 442.25AU To my door... yes please!
The booster i purchased turned out to be from a later model so i did'nt fit it, yes i was pissed ..and yes it's available to the d23 crew :)

Now regarding bleeding, i have done peddle bleeds, vacume bleeds "both types" but wanted to try the pressure bleed method.. The best luck i have had with bleeding nissans so far is to vacume bleed with the compressor bleeder set up then finish with a peddle bleed.. To do that though you need a decent compressors and another to hit the peddle, me being one out and on the road not so easy.. so pressure bleeder, heres my dollar diy for ya . Worked fine too. .

The prussure spray bottle i used has a release valve and thats the one you need!
With the prussure gauge, thats just a ebay special screwed in to a small hole made with a soldering iron.. do it whilst it's hot a soft and it will seal like a frogs sphincta...
The alloy and chain is so you can bring the pressure upto 1 bar /15psi, without it the cap will release about 10psi ..
One thing i did was removed the plunger from the spray unit and wash the seals off with brake cleaner and then re lube them with compatable brake grease..

Been a while 09-05-2018 10:06 AM

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Part code position, brake master cylinder

jonney 09-05-2018 11:01 AM

So there are no after market brake calipers or kits plus master cylinders or kits available in Australia to suit the D-22 Navara ?

Been a while 09-05-2018 12:25 PM

Oh no, sure there is. Master cylinder anywhere from $270 up, could not find aftermarket seal/piston kit for marster cylinder though..why did i go seal piston kit over complete A/M master cylinder- wanted to keep the oem housing...truths- I'm a tight arse and the $100 i saved brought her another birthday present ..

Calipers you can find on ebay also- the trick i found was finding a VK you have no idea of who casted them and to what standard .
I did get onto some overseas manufacturers, I could have got complete A/M calipers from an importers for $240 per caliper with pistons etc buuuttt to me it's a brake component so id rather stick with the original nissan calipers if i could, and it worked out -the calipers where fine ..
If i ordered 10 sets through this guy i could have got them down to $100 a set lol if my calipers where that far gone i would have gone through this guy- the company he worked for "allegedly" supplied the oems to nissan or casted for them.. The province of the factory checked out, the web page makes you think they know thier shite.
Still not really big on playing the ebay gamble with the brakes . So i went service.
The other reason i went through that part finder was the hope they where in fact genuine nissan parts, it's just a personal piece of mind thing. And with what I'm faced with now I'm liking the fact i have a oem part sorce that seems legitimate lol injection pump and more to be on her now danmit ..
Don't tell me you found a/m seal piston kits for the VK series master cylinders? I couldn't find them... what year what series brakes are yours.?

jonney 10-05-2018 07:15 AM

No i havn,t looked around for any brake parts etc as yet i have the last 2014/15 model D-22. I had an old Ford Courier ute before the Nav and i found it was cheaper to buy the complete Master Cylinder than buy the overhaul kit , this was through Burson Spares . also caliper pistons were available aftermarket along with seals. so when you mentioned buying parts from Dubui i thought this couldn,t be that bad for Navara parts.

Been a while 11-05-2018 04:51 AM

Lol oh no it's not.. plenty of parts available, but I'm just a tight arse when it comes to oem parts ;)
Nice model man, it seems there is more aftermarket parts for the later ones too.

After market Brake M.C for the 03 d22 was $270 and up, and i mean UP ..

The hundred i saved paid for the caliper pistons so it was a little cheaper rebuilding than replacing.. plus i like to see how thing wear over time, the master cylinder bore was a+ so for "all here" it's good to know that a 3000000000000k navara M.C are worth a seal kit.. dont get me wrong, if I'm pressed for time I'm all for remove and replace with aftermarket parts..
I think i saved about $200 plus the clutch kits, but lost in the hours department lol I would hate to think what nissan would have charged to do the whole system , how dry would that have been;) i should do an estimate and see how much i saved... but i think, if i spent $1000 in parts you could guesstimate ;) $4000 from nissan plus say 10hrs @ what $100 to $150 p/h for labor, say $1500- =5 to 6 grand i bet ..

I did'nt miss anything from front to rear, springs clips nuts bolt etc *slotted rotor and pads up grade, extended hoses not included in this job, done prior." sooo for a $1000 and a shit load of my time -job done..

And I'm happy, for once ;) well apart from the booster....ummmmm you dont need a brake booster do ya. :(....

cheers man

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