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Vibration at 1700-2000 D22 diesel 4x4 *PLEASE HELP*
Old 27-03-2016, 04:09 PM
Bound4oaxaca Bound4oaxaca is offline
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Default Vibration at 1700-2000 D22 diesel 4x4 *PLEASE HELP*

Truck is a 2013 d22 dual cab diesel 2.5 turbo 4x4 manual *mexican made*

Got a mild vibration when passing 1700-2000rpm
Mostly in gears 1-2-3
Also at times in neutral

Sounds like coming from engine on my drivers side

If I stay at those RPM's vibration is constant

Could be described as a humming vibration

Any help thanks!

Jonathan - Oaxaca Mexico

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Old 28-03-2016, 08:04 AM
Jarone Jarone is offline
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i get this at the same rpm range but on the other side, it is from my snorkel due to incorrect fitment (i did it so i can only blame myself)
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Old 30-04-2016, 11:10 PM
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I had a vibration doing my head in for nearly 3mths. Looked at a verything that moves on the drive train. 3 wheel balances in a week at 2 different places. Had rearprop measured for run-off, front wheel bearing hubs and lower ball joints, wheel aligment done 2 weeks ago... (last couple of things needed to be done though)... also gear box mount done.. after all that, I went thoroughly through the car again and noticed the FRONT PROP SHAFT UNI-JOIN (rear end) was shot and had 15mm play in it. Hence the vibration travelling from under drivers seat and steering wheel.
hope this helps...

07 Navi 352k on the clock and going...and going...
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Old 10-05-2016, 04:23 PM
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Err, your revs should be over 2,000 for driving. You generally don't get the full power under 2,000 revs as the TC doesn't really kick in. try keeping it down a gear until it is over 2,000 revs.

Also, can you post future questions in the appropriate sub forum, like d22 engine in this case.
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Old 11-05-2016, 06:01 AM
jonney jonney is offline
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could be bad front tyres or it needs a wheel alignment. try rotating the 4 wheels around so the backs are on the front then if still the same try a wheel alignment and go from there.
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Old 11-05-2016, 08:44 AM
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I had a similar problem with vibrating/humming coming from engine between those revs. Was quite loud and I thought I had done major damage in the engine due to the noise levels.

Turns out one of the bolts holding the wind deflector/shield on top of the intercooler had rattled loose and fallen out. The humming was it vibrating against the intercooler at certain revs. Replacement bolt in with loctite and problem solved.

Hope it's an easy fix like that for you
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Old 11-05-2016, 11:39 AM
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I've moved the thread to the appropriate place - "general", because it could be engine, it could be drive train, and it's my vote that vibrations are generally annoying!

I'm not sure if the D22's front prop shaft even turns over in 2WD with the hubs unlocked. Also, the vibration appears at those engine revs regardless of gear choice - it's engine related, not drive train.

I'm not sure if the balance shaft can go out of whack, or if the timing chain can cause this. I'm wondering if there's something about the flow rate of fuel at that point, maybe something wrong with the fuel pump at certain pressures? That would point to the SCV I'd think. First thing I'd try is a bottle of good fuel system cleaner like Liqui Moly.

I wonder if it's just an issue with a gasket in the exhaust (say exhaust manifold -> turbocharger interface)? Mine would make an odd noise at certain revs because the gasket acted like a reed in a woodwind instrument. Only at certain RPM. The turbocharger at that point is just starting to spool up to decent boost levels, could there be a minor leak in the air pathway/intercooler?

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Old 11-05-2016, 01:54 PM
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the yd25 always vibrates when you drop low on engine rpm with high gear.
its basically a dead engine below lets say 1900 rpm, but its a beast afterwards.
and you are corrent tony the front proshaft doesnt rotate with hubs unlocked so you can rule out everything after the transfer case to front diff.
2002 D22 YD25DDTi 133PS
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