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Fuel in Oil HELP!
Old 08-01-2016, 01:42 AM
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Angry Fuel in Oil HELP!

So I have been having a few problems with my 08 Frontier (D40 ST-X equivalent) 2.5L lately.
There was nothing wrong with it until I left it sitting there unused for only a week but upon returning from holidays I have had problem after problem.
I have been keeping a close eye on the oil levels and it seems to be rising (it is now above the bend on the dipstick, did a paper towel test and when I did it there was no visible ring coming out any quicker than the oil but when I looked at the paper that I had thrown in the bin yesterday I noticed that there was indeed a very feint clear ring around the oil.
Seen in picture -

The fuel filter has also been leaking from the smaller hose that connects on the left hand side of the filter, have tried to stag seal it but it didnt work so will need to get a new hose. The diesel is leaking quite a bit (1-3 drops a second at idle) and dripping straight onto the oil filter. There is also a bit of oil puddle on under the car but I suspect that is just from the engine bay being quite dirty and loosening the oil that was on it. (have only owned the car about 2 months and havent had the time to clean it up)

Have also been having some loss in power not sure if it is because I removed the EGR blank I had in there recently and I am used to the quicker boost but the power seems to be getting worse with it feeling extremely sluggish on the way to work today. Also been hearing some noises from the turbo which another member has suggested may be the exhaust-turbo interface which I haven't had time to look at yet and I also noticed yesterday when starting the car there was a noise coming from the engine bay that sounded as if something was sucking fluid through but it had bubbles of air in the pipe as well. Not sure if any of that will have to do with the rising oil levels but thought I would go into as much detail as possible.

I am a real estate agent and do roughly 500-750km a week with my job and funds are very very tight at the moment as I have only just got back from a holiday and go away snowboarding in Japan at the start of February also. I may have a car I can borrow for a couple of weeks before I head over or do you think it will be safe to drive as it is. (the oil has risen by about 4mm on the dipstick in the last week and a half)
Also should I drain all the oil and put new oil in for the time being to help reduce the diesel % or if anyone can think of any cheap temporary fixes that wont damage the car in any way?

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Old 08-01-2016, 07:54 AM
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Removing the EGR blank may reduce the apparent power. It shouldn't be by a huge amount but it does sound like the car has other issues.

Diesel in the oil is usually the result of an injector seal that's worn/perished/poorly fitted.

I wouldn't drive the car a huge amount with raw diesel entering the crankcase. Diesel isn't as volatile as petrol, but if enough enters the intake manifold (after being expelled through the PCV) you could experience diesel runaway - basically even if switched off, the diesel will continue running and accelerating until it self-destructs.

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Old 10-01-2016, 12:31 AM
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Update on the situation. I decided to drain my oil last night because the level on the dipstick was too high for comfort and 11L came out so it is easily confirming my fears of diesel leaking in. I topped it back up with 7L just as a temporary measure and didnt replace the oil filter (as my funds are tight until I return from my holiday in feb) but still the dip stick was over full even though there capacity is 7.6L when changing the filter so I assumed about 7.1L when not but correct me if I am wrong. I thought it may be full because of build up of gunk in the sump etc but the diesel unintentionally being added to the mix should of cleaned all of that up.

Also when I was thinking about it last night I also think that it will be an injector as thinking back to the sound I heard from my engine a few days ago that sounded like it sucking air and a liquid through a hose I assume that would be the high pressure fuel system not being pressurised after leaving it sit over night with a leak in one of the injectors which would also mean that leak would be going down into the oil.
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