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Old 15-02-2017, 08:05 AM
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Type of tyre - AT

Brand: Cheap & cheerful "Sailun" Chinese imports.

Size 270 - 70 - 16

Likes - They were cheap! I needed new tyres before our jaunt from Roper Bar to Burketown & was over paying high prices for tyres. I ran into a guy who'd fitted these to a Prado & was on his way up the Oodnadatta Track. I took a punt & paid $160 each fitted.

Good mileage for cost - 32,000 currently on them - they're about half worn.
No punctures, excellent on gravel roads.

They tow heavy loads at work every day - they earn their place.

Dislikes: None! I'd buy them again tomorrow! They are brilliant on corrugations, I had no issues in the bulldust in Lorella Springs & they drive like an AT should on road.

Grip; Road, Great - Wet road, Great - Gravel road, Great.

Condition after dirt roads/tracks - Very good, they don't chip much on the rocky stuff.

Road noise - they are a tad noisy.

fuel consumption, the same as the Bridgestones that came on the Ute when it was new.

Conclusion; not showy, but a very good tyre!

I'm about to put some on my other 4WD. These are $150 each fitted for 265 65 17's.
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Old 16-02-2017, 12:04 AM
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BFGoodrich km2 MTs
Fitted to a 1998 Mazda Bravo

Brilliant tyres got 80,000 kms out of them
Used mainly on rocky crappy gravel roads and muddy farm paddocks, great for both
also a fair bit of bitumen ofcourse
didnt chip or wear unevenly at all
no punctures

amazing on wet bitumen, grippy as can be
pretty good on dry bitumen too, had to swerve real hard at 100 ks once and they held on like glue surpisingly

not too noisy for muddies
fuel consumption about the same as ATs

BFGoodrich all terrains
Fitted to d40 Navara

Pretty good lasted about 60,000
Not bad on gravel when new but got pretty skatey once worn in
no chips and good even wear
no punctures

good on bitumen, as BFG ATs are

quiet on road
fuel use average to good

Yokohama AT-s
fitted to d40 navara

got them in a nice wide size, really good on bitumen

got lots of punctures on dirt roads, lost 3 to big puncture holes from rocky gravel

probly a good cheaper on road tyre for unloaded vehicles driven mainly on bitumen

not so good for work vehicle on gravel roads

ended up swapping them over to the old mazda
been fine on that, much lighter vehicle

quiet on road
fuel consumption good

Toyo open Country MTs
fitted to d40 navara

brilliant on rocky gravel and in mud
bitumen not bad holds tight corners at 100 without any worry

have hit some nasty rocky tracks without any chipping or punctures
will crawl over and through nearly anything

little bit noisier than BFG km2 on bitumen
fuel use went up a bit with these
understandable because they're an aggressive MT

only had these on for about 10,000 ks
at this stage looking like ill stick with these or km2s from here on out
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