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Old 17-09-2014, 11:33 AM
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Old post I know. I've just had this problem on my 07 stx D40. Sprayed the maf sensor and then p
Replaced it. Wasn't lucky. I believe the actuator is working... There is suction on the hose on top of the turbo. Blocking the other valves makes the engine starve. I believe the actuator is working and the lines are still in good condition. Any ideas?
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Old 17-09-2014, 01:43 PM
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There are a few possibilities. I'm curious about "blocking the other valves" - if you mean the other vacuum hoses, then there's a vacuum leak somewhere and the hoses need replacing. The vacuum operates the turbocharger and the brake booster - how are your brakes? If it's not the vacuum hoses there are other options.

Sticking turbo vanes. It's happened before. They usually stick in the 'open' position so nobody knows it's failed especially since the car seems to go well most of the time. Easiest way to tell is to watch the actuator arm that goes into the turbocharger (it's underneath the actuator, about 8-10mm thick). It should move in and out about 3-5mm even at idle.

Damaged boost sensor (or a poor electrical connection to it). This is low on the "cold" side of the intercooler. Check its electrical connections first, but if you've got a bluetooth OBD adapter and a program like Torque, you will get poor, erratic or no boost readings if this is faulty/failed.

Other things to look at (zero cost): the earth of the ECU and the battery negative-to-engine cable and its connections on both sides. Make sure they're good and clean.

Let's see what that does. How long since you've had an injector service? Have you used any injector cleaner (particularly something really good like Liqui Moly)? What brand of fuel do you buy?

There might be issues with the CAT, the HO2S, injector registration, it all depends on who's been mucking around with what (and at this point, none of us know any of that info so we're really stabbing in the dark).

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