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32 vs 42 inch light bar
Old 10-10-2018, 04:49 AM
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Default 32 vs 42 inch light bar

Good afternoon all.
Looking at the kings 32 or 42in 3 row light bar on the roof to try get some more light from up high.
I will be attachin it to the roof rails same with the awning.
Has any had any experience with wither of these two sizes ?
Wondering if bigger is always better as the light might shade from the snorkel etc
Note I currently have 2 spotties on the billbar which work.great but could do with more when driving at night etc etc
2011 2.5ltd dble cab d22
Mcc bullbar & rear bar, sherpa 4x4 snorkel, gme uhf, egr blank off, 6.5" front speakers ,2inch efs lift, 180w spotties, custom door cards, 3inch exhaust, and a empty wallet
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Old 10-10-2018, 05:28 AM
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Don,t like roof mounted lights as you do get alot of reflection off the top of bonnet especially if your car is white or silver . have you thought of mounting a light bar below the front number plate in that reccessed section ? i have mine there and it works very well . only thing is you need to water proof it if you do any water crossings but an easy job with some silicon sealant.
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Old 10-10-2018, 07:59 PM
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Agree, don't put it on the roof. too much reflection and with laws the way they are heading it will soon be illegal. NZ will soon follow too.
Even on the bullbar, if you have some LED spotties, adding a light bar will not give you more distance but will make the light in front of you more blinding, especially signs.
I have the Kngs 9' illuminators and they are pretty bright.
They have just released the same light but with Osram LED's which give more distance and more output.
This would be my choice.
Click the link to see my mods.

2011 D22 2.5Cr. Fuel cap holder, bonnet scoop protection, Bonnet protector, Tint, Snorkel, tub liner, Tow bar, Bash plates, Sliders, Sus lift, DVD headrests, Idler Arm Brace, P Bull bar, Winch, Canopy, Dynapro ATM's, Alarm, Slim weather shields, EGR mod, +120's, 9' LED's, LED parkers, Seat covers, Variable intermittent wiper stalk, Dash mat, DVR mirror with reverse camera.

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Old 11-10-2018, 01:56 AM
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It all comes down to how you mount it. I've got a 44" double row one on mine ( bought a 50" and had to cut 6" off the end lol). I have it mounted on roof rack tracks, below the level of the roof rack so don't get any light on the bonnet or dash. The biggest issue I have is light reflection off the aerials mounted on the bullbar. Apart from that, it's awesome. Instant light and gives spread a bit further back than the front of the vehicle.

The led spotlights and light bars are good for instant light, but remember they draw a lot of power. The light bar of mine draws around 20a when running, not sure what a 3 row in the size you are looking at would pull though.

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