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Please help!! A/c wtf issue
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Default Please help!! A/c wtf issue

I'm sure you've all heard that Port Augusta reached 49.7C on Thursday and because I live around that general area A/C is vitally important!

Jumped in Sh!tbox (has cost me $14k in repairs recently and still counting) today and turned on the A/C which has been the ONLY dependable thing on this tub, only to find the following conundrum.. Tub is '09 Thai D40 King cab YD25.
  • A/C light is on
  • No fan blowing in postions 1, 2, 3
  • A/C motor appears to be running (power draw)
  • Move to position 4, fan starts blowing, but A/C light goes out
  • Max cold air blows for 10-15 seconds before just blowing regular air
  • I'm banging my head against steering wheel and no amount of ripping through all A/C non-A/C settings makes any difference
  • Fuses are fine

I am at a loss and 150kms from my nearest repair shop. Can anyone decipher this enigma machine?
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