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There's a wrecker in Brisbane with a 2010 ST auto. Here's their ad on Gumtree.

They have another but it's a manual.

Gearbox from a 2010 Pathfinder will also fit.

We got a gearbox for ours for $650 from Central Coast Wreckers near Gosford NSW. You might find that a wrecker may not want to split a gearbox to remove the TCM, but they'll happily pop the box out.

I am not convinced it's your TCM anyway, wiring loom damage could cause all sorts of mixed signals to the ECU. You could replace the gearbox only to find the problem is still there, and then discover that a further investigation of the cable finds the short and fixes the problem ... I'd seriously take a torch to the wiring and give it a good look under the vehicle where it could have been snagged by a stick when off-road, or near pressure points (small gaps) like coming up to the engine bay near the brake booster.

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