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P1021 Fault with Intermittent loss of power
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Default P1021 Fault with Intermittent loss of power

Hi Guys,
been having some very intermittent issues as of late. When the issue is apparent, the vehicle struggles to get beyond 80kms/hr and and seems to rev high into 4th gear before i have to manually shift to 5th (its an auto with the manual selection)

Basically it feels like there is no high end power, cruising around town I cant seem to tell much difference

There is a fault code which keeps popping up p1021 (which is hard to determine but everything is pointing at the turbo actuator). Mine is not a vacuum operated actuator and appears to be the electrical controlled one - correct me if Im wrong. An engine warning light has only appeared once and has been cleared and not reappeared.

As mentioned, the issue appears to be very random, and cannot pinpoint a cause. the few times it has happened, a simple restart of the vehicle has fixed it.

At this stage my regular mechanics have done the best they can and until the issue becomes a bit more apparent or regular, we are just going to keep on going as normal. They said that if the actuator needs replacement, its generally the need for a full new turbo unit which is along the lines of what i have been reading. But im not ready to go down that path yet until the issue is more pronounced. Just after some advice if anyone else has had similar issues or can shed any more light on this?

Below is a photo of my actuator unit.
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