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Lol oh no it's not.. plenty of parts available, but I'm just a tight arse when it comes to oem parts ;)
Nice model man, it seems there is more aftermarket parts for the later ones too.

After market Brake M.C for the 03 d22 was $270 and up, and i mean UP ..

The hundred i saved paid for the caliper pistons so it was a little cheaper rebuilding than replacing.. plus i like to see how thing wear over time, the master cylinder bore was a+ so for "all here" it's good to know that a 3000000000000k navara M.C are worth a seal kit.. dont get me wrong, if I'm pressed for time I'm all for remove and replace with aftermarket parts..
I think i saved about $200 plus the clutch kits, but lost in the hours department lol I would hate to think what nissan would have charged to do the whole system , how dry would that have been;) i should do an estimate and see how much i saved... but i think, if i spent $1000 in parts you could guesstimate ;) $4000 from nissan plus say 10hrs @ what $100 to $150 p/h for labor, say $1500- =5 to 6 grand i bet ..

I did'nt miss anything from front to rear, springs clips nuts bolt etc *slotted rotor and pads up grade, extended hoses not included in this job, done prior." sooo for a $1000 and a shit load of my time -job done..

And I'm happy, for once ;) well apart from the booster....ummmmm you dont need a brake booster do ya. :(....

cheers man

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