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Shorty4655 22-02-2016 06:29 AM

Buying a starter motor ZD30
Hey Guys.

Just wondering if anyone has replaced their zd30 starter motor with anything but OEM? I went to an auto leccy and he said it will be $500 for the unit plus fitting, he says they use as good if not better than OEM (I know that sounds liek BS, but he is a mate of mine).

Supercheap want about $500 for them as well for brands like Jaylec or OEX. Is the original brand hitachi?
Trump auto on ebay who do alternators etc sell them no mention of a warranty unlike they have on their alternators though, has anyone used one?

Has anyone heard of a decent replacement? I have got a nissan price yet but if anything it will be more than $500. Would like to have a crack myself, apparently from what I can gather it is a PITA to get to, I was thinking of going through the drivers wheel arch.


Shorty4655 22-02-2016 10:51 PM

Repco have 20% off this month for racq members and they sell an oex brands which comes down to about $350 after tax

Dion 23-02-2016 09:14 AM

I have a trump on my TD27. The starters are identical for TD, QD, ZD. 21:1 compression ratio on the TD instead of 18:1 on the ZD, so they're working harder on the TD.

Quality of parts, castings etc is actually not too bad for how cheap it was. Are you always around town or do you go remote? If you're always around town where help is available, I'd go the Trump.

Shorty4655 24-02-2016 05:01 AM

Usually around town but I am going to the canoe for three weeks this July and I have more remote touring planned for the future like Kimberley's Gibb river etc. Nizzbits can supply a genuine starter for $455 delivered to me

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